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    Poland takes up EU presidency


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    After the Czech Republic and Hungary, Poland this month has become the third country in the east of Europe to run the rotating presidency of the 27-country European Union.

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    Prime Minister Donald Tusk said his country is ready to take on the challenge of countering a new wave of Euroscepticism and convincing other members about the good of the European project.

    Poland is economically well-placed to take the lead in Europe in troubled financial times. It's economy is growing at a rate of about 3.5 percent per year, with rising incomes for most people.

    The growth in purchasing power also makes Poles enthousiastic about the EU: 4 out of five are positive about their country's membership of the EU.

    One possible distraction is looming. In October, Poland will hold parliamentary elections. That likely means that certain statements from Polish officials will have to be viewed in their specific electoral context.