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    Rodrigues - Mauritius


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    Rodrigues, sometimes spelled Rodriguez but named after the Portuguese explorer Diogo Rodrigues, is the smallest of the Mascarene Islands and a dependency of Mauritius. With a peak elevation of approximately 355 meters (1165 ft), it is located 560 km (348 mi) east of Mauritius island, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is 109 km² (43 sq mi) in size, and surrounded by a coral reef. The capital of the island is Port Mathurin. As of 2006, the island's population was about 40,000. The main language is Rodriguan Creole, while French and English are spoken or understood by some of the inhabitants. The main religion is Roman Catholicism with a small minorities of other religions. Most of the inhabitants are of mixed African and French descent. The main industries are handicraft, farming, fishing and tourism. ( source Wikipedia )