Lugano Melide - Swissminiatur - Switzerland Thematic Park

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Swissminiatur Thematic Park - SWITZERLAND IN MINIATURE! If you want to have an overview of Switzerland and spend a nice time in a wonderful region, don't miss Swissminiatur, an exciting place and a must see attraction for everyone visiting this beautiful country. Swissminiatur was inaugurated on 6th June 1959 and celebrated its 50 year anniversary in 2009. It is an open-air miniature park located in Melide, on the shore of Lake Lugano, in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. The park is surrounded by mountains like Monte Generoso, Monte San Salvatore and Monte San Giorgio, which has been declared UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. In an area of 14,000 m2 visitors can admire more than 120 models at scale of 1:25 which represent the most important buildings monuments and transportation means in Switzerland. A 3,560m long model railway with 18 trains runs through the park. It is fascinating to watch the variety of trains that run along the tracks, cross bridges and stop by at stations. Boats are also in motion on the lakes, cable cars and funiculars go up and down the mountains and cars move along the highway. For garden lovers, the whole park is beautifully decorated with a selection of 1,500 different plants and over 15,000 flowers. There are several coin operated rides for children. The self-service restaurant offers local, Swiss, Italian, authentic Chinese and Indian cuisine. It can also accommodate large groups. The park can be easily reached by motorway, train or boat from Lugano. Lugano city centre is only 4 km north, Zürich 200 km north and Milan 60 km south.The train station and the motorway entrance and exit are located 300m from the park. A large car park also includes parking for coaches. 

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