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    The Langhe - wine region - Italy


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    The Langhe is a hilly area to the south and west of the river Tanaro in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont, northern Italy. It is famous for its wines, cheeses, and truffles—particularly the white truffles of Alba. The countryside as it was in the first half of the 20th century features prominently in the writings of Beppe Fenoglio and Cesare Pavese, who was born here, in Santo Stefano Belbo. DOC and DOCG wines produced in this area include: * Arneis * Barbera * Barolo * Barbaresco * Dolcetto d'Alba * Dolcetto di Dogliani * Dolcetto delle Langhe Monregalesi * Dolcetto delle Langhe Monregalesi superiore * Langhe Arneis * Langhe Chardonnay * Langhe Chardonnay Vigna * Langhe Dolcetto * Langhe Favorita * Langhe Favorita Vigna * Langhe Freisa * Langhe Freisa Vigna * Langhe Nebbiolo * Langhe bianco * Langhe rosso ( source Wikipedia )