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    Neil Young / Piece Of Crap


    por Xavier

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    What about that song "Piece of Crap". They didn't mention "computers"
    Por iliketoperveHace 6 años
    "Piece Of Crap"

    Tried to save the trees
    Bought a platsic bag
    The bottom fell out
    It was a piece of crap

    Saw it on the tube
    Bought it on the phone
    Now you're home alone
    It's a piece of crap

    I tried to plug in it
    I tried to turn it on
    When I got it home
    It was a piece of crap

    Got it from a friend
    On him you can depend
    I found out in the end
    It was a piece of crap

    I'm trying to save the trees
    I saw it on TV
    They cut the forest down
    To build a piece of crap

    I went back to the store
    They gave me four more
    The guy told me at the door
    It's a piece of crap
    Por GALODEHace 9 años
    mes deux groupes préférés ! excellent
    Por GALODEHace 9 años
    2 générations de monstres du Rock !! Excellent !
    Por SalesmajHace 9 años