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    Leonard Cohen - Days Of Kindness

    لقد وضع سنّ أدنى لمشاهدة هذا الفيديو وفقا لـالمبادئ التوجيهية


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    Leonard Cohen reads his poem Days Of Kindness

    Days Of Kindness
    by Leonard Cohen (1934-)

    Greece is a good place
    To look at the moon, isn't it?
    You can read by moonlight,
    You can read on the terrace,
    You can see a face
    As you saw it when you were young.
    There was good light then -
    Oil lamps and candles
    And those little flames
    That floated on a cork in olive oil.
    What I loved in my old life
    I haven't forgotten;
    It lives in my spine:
    Marianne and the child,
    The days of kindness.
    It rises in my spine
    And it manifests as tears.
    I pray that loving memory
    Exists for them too:
    The precious ones I overthrew
    For an education in the world.