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    Giant Mushrooms Found in Yunnan, China


    by NTDTelevision

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    And finally... the hardest part about making a good stir-fry is finding the right kind of mushrooms. But it seems that one mushroom picker in China, may have stumbled upon the next big thing.

    There's something strange growing in the forests of Yingpan Mountain, in Yunnan province. Something—big.

    [Zhao, Mushroom Picker]:
    "I came from Yingpan Mountain. I found them in the primeval forest. I felt weird when I found big mushrooms one by one there. I'd never seen such a thing. I showed them to two old men, and they didn't know them either."

    Mushrooms, the size of small boulders! Zhao took his discovery to a local farmers' market. Everyone agreed that Zhao, reported to be a fun guy, had some impressive fungi.

    These massive mushrooms look similar to the common "Mapibao" mushroom—only they weigh over two pounds. They're even bigger than a small child's head

    Frightened crowds marveled at the sight. Some even took pictures, perhaps to send to loved ones, perhaps—to say goodbye.

    It's unclear at this time what the mushrooms' intentions are
    Only time will tell if they will be used for good—or evil.