Morocco votes on curbing king's powers

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Moroccans voted Friday in a referendum on curbing the near absolute powers of King Mohammed VI, who has offered reforms in the wake of protests inspired by pro-democracy uprisings around the Arab world.Duration: 00:56

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I am exceptionally surprised that the Moroccan people have finally decided to take the necessary steps to live a better life! I guess being chronically unemployed eventually causes people to protest the horrid living conditions in Morocco?

It would appear that 'some" Moroccans are finally listening to the sound advice i have been giving them free of charge and are focusing on making their poverty stricken country a better place; by removing their tyrant King or at least limit his powers.

All those who participated in making Morocco a better place to live are not only heroes but have my absolute respect! I wonder why that unsavory Maghrebi Vrai is not taking part in these activities if he is such a firm supporter of Morocco as he claims constantly to be?
By Spain4Life March