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    Bidet Review | Coway BA-13


    by bidetsplus


    - Scene 1 -

    Hi this is Lindsay with bidetsPLUS and today we’ll be reviewing the Coway BA 13. The BA 13 is operated with a wireless remote control, and offers some of the most advanced features available in a bidet toilet seat.

    - Scene 2 -

    The Coway BA 13 is a modern looking seat with clean lines. Because the BA 13 is packed with newer technology, the bidet seat has a slimmer profile than most other bidet seats we reviewed. This helps add to its sleek, contemporary look.

    There is a small “Coway” logo centered towards the rear of the seat. Also towards the back is the primary remote control signal receiver, which is the black square you see at the top of the picture.

    - Scene 3 -

    Just beneath the remote control signal receiver, there are three LED lights. The first light is a power indicator, the second light is for the power saving mode, and the last light is for seat temperature, as the BA 13 does have a heated seat.