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    How To Solve The Hi/Lo Beam Not Working Problem After HID Conversion (For H4/9004/9007)


    by mydepots_video

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    If the hi/lo beam doesn't work after installing the bi-xenon hid kit, it is a common problem associated with polarity from the relay harness connector. Each vehicle manufactures uses a different configuration for Ground/ Low / High beam. You can easily swap the pins on the relay harness connector.

    1. Find a small flat screwdriver.

    2. There are 3 pins on the connector. Remove the pins from the connector using the screwdriver, as shown in the video.

    3. Try swapping two pins. According to our experience, please try swapping the white and blue wire first. This can solve the problem on most cars.

    4. Insert the pins directly into your stock harness socket to test the new configuration. If it still doesn't work, pull the pins out and try a new configuration until you find out the correct configuration for your car to get both high and low beams.

    5. Insert the pins back into the relay harness connector according to the correct configuration that you find out in the last step.