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    EC Plug Fans in air-conditioning units - ebm-papst A&NZ


    by ebmpapstANZ

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    Simon presents high-efficiency plug fans for air-conditioning applications and explains the advantages of EC technology.
    By comparing EC to MEPS and HEPS motors he shows that EC motors are 15-20% more efficient. Another advantage is speed control and ease of commissioning, resulting in energy savings of 50% at 80% speed.

    An old belt-driven forward-curved fan inside an air-conditioning unit is used to illustrate the advantages of EC high-efficiency technology.
    As an example for energy-savings of 50-60% Simon gives the replacement of AC belt drives with new EC plug fans in the Adelaide Supreme Courts building.

    High-efficiency EC plug fan technology for air-conditioning units uses:

    - backward curved fan technology
    - direct drive systems
    - EC, high-efficiency technology
    - in-built, high-efficiency speed control

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