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    Which Hair Removal Is Best For Bikini Line - Syneron Me my Elos


    by TuduMovies

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    Copy To Browser To Find Out Why Me my Elos Cost More Than IPL
    The Syneron Me my Elos hair removal system costs more than the other IPL products you may find online. There are number of reasons for this and it is important for the customer to know.
    Many women and men who tried laser hair removal, know that because the beam spot is so small (like the pinkie finger tip) and the laser needs to send multiple pulses, and the beam needs to be places correctly and follow a path to cover all the hair on the skin surface.. the laser hair removal is rather slow.

    The Me my Elos advantage becomes even more significant because IPL and laser hair removal treatments are made of 6-8 bi-weekly sessions. Most people who fail to complete the body hair removal because they do not manage to follow the lengthy session plans and the time consuming home sessions