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    rubber digger track recycling


    by talkthetalktv

    Until now an environmentally friendly way of rubber track recycling has not been possible. Recyclatrack a unique patented process uses only a few gallons of water to totally recycle scrap waste rubber crawler tracks. The Recyclatrack system, from ultra high pressure water jet specialist Aquablast, produces clean steel and fine rubber powder in minutes from recycling rubber tracks. Recyclatrack is the only environmentally friendly way of rubber track recycling. The Recyclatrack system, totally reclaims the steel and the rubber in a single process. Even the water is recovered and re-used. Recyclatrack issue certificates to show how the rubber tracks were recycled - this means no more landfill taxes to be paid. Total Rubber track Recycling for the first time – it’s on the right track. If you'd like to know more then visit or simply get in touch with Donald Blair at Aquablast or Recyclatrack. This video production was created by UK based video production company