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    In Fujian, Marking Graduation in Murals


    by NTDTelevision

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    University graduation. A time to look ahead to new things. A time to leave other things behind. Students at Xiamen University are leaving behind images that they hope will have a lasting impression.

    For some, university is the best few years of life. Others find themselves impatient to enter "the real world" -- and perhaps to earn some money. Some fall in between.

    For just about everyone, though, time spent at university makes an impression. And graduates of Xiamen University in Fujian Province, are making an impression of their own.

    Graduating students are painting murals on either wall of the Furong Tunnel, a 3,000 foot pedestrian passage leading to students' dorms and the university canteen.

    [Wang Qian, Xiamen University Student]:
    "I hope our paintings will remain here, no matter in five or ten years. Then we'd take our spouses or even children here, to take pictures with the paintings in the background, telling the kids they have been created by their fathers or mothers. It will be very meaningful."