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    NTD AP and Chunghwa Renew Satellite Broadcast Contract


    by NTDTelevision

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    Our partner station in Taiwan, NTD Asia Pacific and satellite provider Chunghwa Telecom formally renewed their service contract on Monday. NTD's transmission will be transferred to Chunghwa's ST-2 Satellite in August. This will allow the station to continue broadcasting in the region, including parts of mainland China.

    [Ruey-lan Chang, CEO of NTD Asia Pacific]:
    "On behalf of all of NTD AP's staff, I'd like to thank Taiwan's main and opposition parties, and the support from various channels, in helping NTD AP secure service with the ST-2 Satellite, which has state protection."

    On Tuesday, CEO of NTD Asia Pacific Ruey-lan Chang announced the renewal of its contract with Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom. It was signed on Monday evening. It ensures that our partner station will continue to broadcast NTD's programming to the region, and to parts of mainland China.

    After two months of negotiations and widespread support from both domestic and international calls, this outcome has been warmly welcomed.

    [Zan Aizong, Freelance Journalist]:
    "Whether it's Ma Ying-jeou's government or the telecom company, they weren't able to reject this contract. I feel this is good. I feel this is a form of support for press freedom and universal values."

    NTD AP is known for broadcasting news that is usually censored by the Chinese Communist Party. Even with the contract renewal in hand, the station has appealed for continued support to guarantee its broadcast is free from any signal interference. This comes after NTD AP had experienced severe signal blockage in 2009 when the Chinese regime marked its 60th anniversary of rule over China.