Chinese Grandmother a Living Tribute to Michael Jackson


by NTDTelevision

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And Michael Jackson may have passed away two years ago, but his memory lives on--sometimes in the most unlikely of places. For one Beijing grandmother, the King of Pop is dead; long live the King of Pop.

The year was 1996. A Beijing woman in her early 40s stepped into a record shop. She'd been suffering from a bad kidney problem, was isolated, and depressed.

But in that record shop, she saw a music video playing that changed her life -- Michael Jackson, laying out his signature dance moves. She decided she'd like to learn how to dance like that.

Some would say she has succeeded.

[Wu Guixiang, Morning Parkgoer]:
"Bai's dance is very energetic. She doesn't look like 65-year-old women when she dances. We are encouraged and enjoy it."

65-year-old Bai has mastered the dances to a number of Jackson's big hits -- like 'Beat it', 'Dangerous' and 'Billy Jean'.

She puts them on display in Beijing parks, while most are doing morning exercises such as Tai Chi or ballroom dancing. For her, it's more than just fun or staying fit -- she feels she's on a mission.

[Bai Shuying, Jackson Mega-fan]:
"Although I am very old now, I never stop learning from Michael Jackson, the star I 've always adored. I know I can't reach his level of dancing, but I want to spread his dance to the elderly in China and in the world."