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    Silver Amalgam Fillings, by Implant Dentist, Palm Desert CA, Dr. Marc LeBlanc


    by dentistpalmdesertc


    Implant dentist from Palm Desert CA, Dr. Marc LeBlanc, speaks about silver amalgam dental fillings. Dental amalgam fillings, sometimes called (silver amalgams) contain half mercury which has developed a controversy among dentists and the dental profession. Amalgam dental fillings have developed a reputation of not bonding properly in tooth areas. In some cases will cause the tooth to chip and at the very bad will cause the teeth or (tooth) to break. Dr. Marc LeBlanc encourages individuals with silver dental fillings to have them replaced. The best option to replace a silver dental filling will be with a composite dental filling, also proven to be more effective and have better Longevility. Cosmetic dental procedures can be performed at Portola Dental of Palm Desert CA. For more videos visit the following link: