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Telekinesis And Chi Energy Demo

il y a 7 ans1.2K views

A video of me using telekinesis and vectorizing chi energy through my hands to move a psi wheel. If you happen to be one of those pseudo-scientific troll types who just looks for tk videos so you can hate and tell people "tk isn't real", don't even bother watching, go read a book about quantum physics and THEN feel free to comment. It baffles me the number of pompous assh*les who think that we have figured out EVERYTHING there is to know about the world of physics and who try to ridicule anyone that doesn't see things the same way. You people are no better than christian fundamentalists and muslim extremists, in fact you are just as dangerous to the real science community. In other words: MOVE THE F*CK ON FUNDIE TROLL, YOUR HATEFUL COMMENTS WON'T EVEN BE READ SO DON'T BOTHER.

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Telekinesis And Chi Energy Demo
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