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    9 544 views Dr. Lenny's Private Lingerie Party! On researching the internet on muscle pain with Statins I found that it was being down played by many (including the drug companies) and hyped by others. Some studies indicated muscle pain only occurred in a few percent of Statin users.

    This seemed implausible to me as back pain is exceedingly common. It is probably difficult to talk about back pain relating to any drug as back pain is so common. But I noticed when I was on Statins (several different Statins) that certain muscular pains were more common and seemed to go away entirely with removal of the drug for a week or two. They may not be causing the pain but who is to say they may not make existing pain worse?

    My muscle pains seemed to be more prominent at night. At first I noticed tingling cramping type pain in my feet. Later I had low back pain which I figured was just over exertion and in addition on occasion I had forearm pain and lower leg cramping pain especially with exertion. I cheeked my Creatinine Kinase (CK) a few times and it was either normal or a little above normal. So the feared rhabdomyolysis was not going on. It was the more mundane myositis (muscle inflammation) or so I ascertained. I do workout 3-4 days a week mostly swimming between 1000-1400 yards a day.