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    ArmyOfOneTV - VASTATOR


    by ArmyOfOneTV

    TUE Jun 28, 2011
    Señor Diaz, Felipe Hernandez, Gerard Barnechea

    Chilean band VASTATOR is one of the oldest and most respected from the heavy metal acts since 1987. The nickname of HEROS OF METAL was attributed to them because their perseverance on their performances. VASTATOR came about in the time of extreme metal being the only one that kept the flame of heavy metal in the middle 80s.

    With 3 full albums, one best of compilation CD with older material remixed and remastered plus plenty of demos tapes from late 80s, VASTATOR was on the top list of the performers last 2008, when they released their "Hell Only Knows" CD.

    In 2011 with the help of some great friends of them such as Metal Mike from HALFORD and also Veronica Freeman from BENEDICTUM, the band delivers their best album to this date called "Machine Hell", a mix of classic heavy metal with some thrash metal touches that mixed with the sometimes raw and operatica vocals of Señor Diaz, the album Machine Hell is telling us that VASTATOR still has more Metal Music to share with all of us in the future.
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