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    Mr Sandless Calgary Reviews


    by MrSandlessCalgary

    SPECTACULAR JOB!!! Spectacular job! The floors look amazing. As soon as we move furniture around and pull up the last rug we'll have you back to do the rest of the job. I had no idea they would look that great! Thanks again! - Colleen

    PERHAPS JOY WOULD BE MORE ACCURATE!!! We're writing to report our complete satisfaction-perhaps joy would be more accurate-with the floor-refinishing services your people performed today on the bedroom flooring!

    I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY!!! We had your company out this afternoon to refinish our floors and I have never been so happy! They look brand new and they are 60 years old. If you ever need to provide a reference or if you do a testimonial page, I would be happy to lend my opinion! Thanks again for a great job! - Nicole