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    Small Hands, Big Hearts: Meet Two 5-year-old Philanthropists


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    24 views – GOOD PEOPLE GOOD WORKS Small Hands, Big Hearts: Meet Two 5-year-old Philanthropists. Episode: 1690, Air Date: 1 May 2011. Script
    HOST: Sweet viewers, welcome to another heartwarming episode of Good People, Good Works. This week we're delighted to feature two noble-minded five-year-old boys from the United States who selflessly donated their money to better the lives of others.

    In October 2010, the station house, tools and fire trucks of the Sissonville Volunteer Fire Department in West Virginia, USA were destroyed in a fire, and people from the community soon gathered their strength to help rebuild the station.

    Thomas (m): As a result of that fire we had to move into temporary quarters to continue operations and the owner of this business was kind enough to allow us to use two of his service bases to continue our operations.

    Thomas (m): We cover a fire-response district of 125 square miles.

    We have approximately 8,600 re