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    The Best Way to Grow in Wisdom - P1/5


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    14 views – The Best Way to Grow in Wisdom - P1/5 February 28 , 1992 Surabaya, Indonesia (In Indonesian). Episode: 1688, Air Date: 29 April 2011. Script
    Greetings gracious viewers, and welcome to Enlightening Entertainment. In today’s program, we are honored to present the Grammy-nominated pianist, composer and New Age music pioneer, David Lanz. His platinum album “Cristofori’s Dream” topped Billboard’s first New Age/Adult Alternative chart in 1988 and remained #1 for 27 weeks. David Lanz’s music, embraced by worldwide fans since, is permeated with tranquility, deep feelings, and a celestial feel of spirituality.

    Born in 1950 in Seattle, USA, David Lanz has shown his musical talent since a very young age.

    I was about four and half years old, and I have to credit my mother who was a piano player. And my grandmother played the piano as well. So I had a lot of music in my life as a boy, and of course, I took piano lessons and did the kind of usual thi