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    Knowing them for a long time, it was a real pleasure to host the promising French band Bruxelles to the Sexroom at the Europavox 2010. As you can tell, they are influenced by the best of indie pop rock, and should be heavy rotating on your stereo very soon...

    The Last time was…well, I can’t remember when the last time was. But anyway it was for a great record. And everybody shared it. It was so strong. Wife, children, friends, colleagues. And everywhere: home, car, computer, walkman and vinyl record, if a vinyl record had existed.
    Why? No idea. The first tracks immediately turned me upside down, I’ve been moved deeply, excited like I’ve rarely been. Everything seems perfect but in the same time hardly drafted. Everything sounds wonderfully good, and still, it could be even better. Let’s say it’s about rock music, pop music, tremendous songs, distinguished and elegant, virtuoso and of a rare simplicity. I would like to make discover this future great record, this future great band to the whole world, but it’s not time yet. Man has to wait, a little. And dream.