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    How to breastfeed & get your baby to latch on by Mother & Baby TV


    by motherandbaby

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    Problems getting started? Baby not latching on? Sore nipples. This 3 minute video guide from Mother & Baby TV offers advice from mums like you and experts on all aspects of breastfeeding.

    Real mums talk openly about getting started with breasfeeding, how to get your baby to latch on and the benefits for you and baby when breastfeeding.

    When you are breastfeeding you're passing on antibodies from your own immune system, giving your baby the maximum protection against respiratory infections, ear infections and tummy upsets. Containing around 400 nutrients, breastmilk provides the perfect balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein for your newborn.

    Tips to know your baby is latched on and breastfeeding correctly:

    Your baby's mouth is wide open.

    His lower lip is rolled back towards his chin. If you move it carefully aside, you can see his tongue visibly cupping your breast.

    His head is tipped slightly back.

    His chin is firmly on your breast but his nose is not touching (or only lightly touching) your breast.

    He makes short chopping sucks to start, which then change to deep regular sucks. There's an audible 'unk' sound as he swallows, usually every one to three jaw strokes.

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