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    Teach yourself and your baby how to use baby signing by Mother & Baby TV


    by motherandbaby

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    Teaching your baby to sign can be a really lovely way to help them to communicate their needs to you before they are able to speak. It can also help them overcome the frustration that can accompany not being understood.

    Baby signing has become a popular way to help babies learn to communicate with you before they can talk.

    Baby signing teaches Baby sign language which is a form of pre-verbal communication.

    From as early as 6 to 9 months old, babies can begin to tell you what they want, what they are thinking about and how they feel.

    Learning baby sign can help you avoid having to 'guess' the cry! (Tired? Hungry? Hot? Cold? Damp nappy?)

    Signing babies can also tell you more advanced needs. For example, they can tell you that they have seen a 'duck' in the park or that they are excited that it is 'bath' time!

    Babies' control of their hands develops long before their control of their vocal chords and co-ordination of the movement of lips, tongue and teeth to make understood speech sounds as recognised words (often as late as 18 months).

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