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    A how to guide to changing your baby's nappy by Mother & Baby TV


    by motherandbaby

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    Advice from mums and Mother & Baby magazine editor Kathryn Blundell on nappies and how to change your baby's nappy.

    Nappy changing is easier than it looks and the fact that your baby goes through around 12 nappies every day means you'll be an expert in no time. You never know, you might even start to enjoy it.

    A changing mat -- to lie your baby on.

    A towel -- to cover the mat if it's cold.

    Warm water and cotton wool -- to clean his bottom.

    A flannel -- to dry his bottom.

    Barrier cream -- to stop him from developing nappy rash.

    A clean babygrow -- in case his dirty nappy has leaked.

    A bin with a lid or nappy sacks -- to dispose of his dirty nappy.

    Step 1
    Don't undress your baby completely to change his nappy -- just slip off the bottom of his babygrow and lift the rest of his clothes out of the way to stop them from getting wet or dirty.

    Step 2
    Open up your baby's dirty nappy, place a finger between his legs to stop them from rubbing together and lift them up by his ankles. Then remove his dirty nappy and fold it away out of his reach.

    Step 3
    Use damp cotton wool to clean up the poo in downward strokes away from his body. Make sure you clean under his testicles and penis and inside the creases of his legs.

    Step 4
    Use the flannel to gently pat his bottom dry and rub on a little barrier cream before putting his new nappy on.

    Step 5
    Unfold a clean nappy, lift up your baby's legs and slide it underneath his bottom, aligning the top with his waist. Then bring the front of the nappy up between his legs. Make sure you pull out the leg cuffs at the back to prevent leaking.

    Step 6
    Line up the tab and marker on each side of the nappy and press down gently. While your baby's nappy should be tightly fastened it should still be loose enough to let air in.

    A few things to remember
    • Make sure you've got everything you need before you get started -- never leave your baby alone when you're changing him.