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    How to give your baby a bath by Mother & Baby TV


    by motherandbaby

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    Get advice on bathing your your baby and keeping her clean, especially in those first few weeks.

    Even though your baby doesn't need a bath everyday, she does need a quick wash. A 'top and tail' is the quickest and simplest way to do this. By that we mean giving your little one's face, ears, neck, hands and nappy area a wash with cooled boiled water and cotton wool.

    To avoid the spread infections, make sure you use a clean piece of cotton wool for each stroke when washing her ears and eyes.

    Giving your baby a proper bath

    Her hair only needs to be washed once a week to begin with. Our top tip is to do this first, just before you put your baby in the bath. That way she won't get too chilly!

    What you'll need

    Baby bath or bath support suitable from birth
    Clean towel
    Changing mat
    Tissues or cotton wool
    Clean nappy and sleepsuit for afterwards

    Step-by-step guide to how to give your baby a bath

    1. Make sure the room is warm, then fill the bath to around 8cm deep with warm water -- 36.8°C (98°F) is about right. You can test the temperature using the traditional method of dipping your elbow in, or use a bath thermometer. If you stand the bath on something around waist height, you won't strain your back and you'll find it easier to support your baby.

    2. Before putting your baby in the bath, lie her down on her changing mat and undress her. Clean her bottom with cotton wool and cool water.

    3. First, wash your baby's hair. To do this with the minimum fuss, wrap her in a towel to stop any wriggling and, holding her securely in one arm, lower her head over the side of the baby bath. Scoop the water over her head, avoiding her eyes.

    4. Take your baby out of the towel and hold her securely in one arm, keeping your hand under her bottom. Now, slowly and gently lower her into the water.