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    Taiwan Parliament May Become Chinese Tourist Attraction


    by NTDTelevision

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    Taiwan's Parliament may become a tourist attraction if lawmaker Wu Yu-sheng gets his way. He wants to open the legislative floor to Chinese tourists so they can learn from the island's democracy.

    Mr. Wu of the ruling Nationalist Party on Friday proposed the move, arguing that nowhere in Taiwan was the island's democracy more thoroughly implemented.

    Speaker Wang Jin-pyng agreed to look at the proposal, hoping it could teach a thing or two to those who grew up in authoritarian mainland China.

    Improved relations between Taiwan and the Chinese regime in recent years have brought a surge of tourists from China, with 600,000 Chinese visiting Taiwan last year alone.

    Some tour operators in Taiwan have reported seeing Chinese tourists glued to their hotel room TV screens, watching political talk shows instead of travelling the country.

    But it isn't just mainland Chinese who find Taiwan's politics a spectacle. The small nation's parliament became world famous for its brawls as it transitioned to democracy in the 1990s.