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    Sabofa - Equimex Horizontal Slicer HS 600-DA Slicing cooked chicken breast.


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    The Equimex Horizontal Slicer HS 600-3DA consists of 2 horizontal belts on top of each other and a set of oscillating blades in between. The blades move opposite to each other, making it possible to go up to TEN (10) blades. In this way it is possible to slice Pork and Beef. as well as Turkey. The Horizontal Slicer HS 600-3DA has two parallel sets of belts, which enables you to slice meat of different thickness at the same time, giving slices with the same thickness. After the meat is placed on the lower belt, it is gently shaped between the two belts and then transported through the oscillating blades. Because of the high velocity of the blades the slices are very accurate with a smooth cutting surface. The Horizontal Slicer HS 600-3DA is manufactured of stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials and meets the highest requirements of safety and hygiene.

    Equimex is a Sabofa Brand
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