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    Facebook Social media marketing biggest myth

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    Social network myth Social media is exactly that. It's a social process. Social media has proven that its interests are highly selective. It isn't particularly geared to any particular sort of marketing, any more than a pool party. You can sell games, you can sell pool equipment, and you can sell accessories to the party. If you want this market to buy anything else you have to engage interested people, not blindly market to the world on the slight chance of someone finding your product.

    There are a lot of people selling different things on these sites, but they're selling to niches and groups, not broadcasting their sales pitches around the world. That's the big issue for marketing. Niche marketing, like blogging, is a specialist range of markets within a much bigger market.

    The Biggest Myth
    The biggest myth of all, which is based on the sheer number of people on social media sites, is the other major issue for marketing. The mere fact that hundreds of millions of people use Facebook, Skype, MySpace or LinkedIn doesn't mean hundreds of millions of customers. It means a percentage of those people may be interested in your product. Note everyone wants to buy a tractor or a skyscraper. Some people may want to buy subscriptions, but others won't.

    Ironically, another myth is based on ignoring the biggest market of the lot- The internet itself. If someone's trying to buy something, the first thing they'll do is research it online. That means web searching and SEO values are the main issue. They'll also go direct to sites, bypassing the social media pages, unless those pages contain a lot of useful information.