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    by biggYbigg

    biggYbigg got into music in Miami Florida when his big brother worked
    for Luke Skyywalker and the 2 Live Crew… Mr Mixx and Kid Ice and Me So
    Horny in 1989.
    biggY worked in the studio in his school vacation when DC The Brain
    Supreme and Steve Rollin made Whoomp There It Is as Tag Team in 1993.
    biggY wrote and recorded It's Bigger Than You Think and his girlfriend
    sent it to Howard Stern who played it on his Sirius radio show "and
    the phones melted".
    Local Florida radio stations featured it and it hadn't even been
    signed up by a label.
    Then biggY wrote and recorded The Box Of Love.
    It's a heart warming story about a man and his little daughter based
    on a tale told to biggY by his Grandmother.
    Moving and sincere and totally different from the first track.
    biggYbigg is a man of many talents.