The World's Longest Chinese Poem of Single Rhythm with 7 Words in a Verse Line

John John Wong
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The book of Wong Chung-kai's Chinese Poems (Author: John Wong)

There are seven chapters in the book of John Wong's Chinese Poems. They are mainly five or seven words in a verse line. Among these verses, the poem named `My Family' with seven hundred words in one single rhythm broke the world's record of the longest Chinese poem of seven words in a verse line with only single rhythm. Some Chinese poems are longer, but using more than one rhythm. Using a single rhythm throughout the poem is very difficult because the words that can be used in one single rhythm are limited. Hence, the length of a poem using single rhythm cannot be long.

John Wong is a man who was poor and lived a simple life in childhood. At an early age, John Wong learnt Chinese ink-painting by himself. He liked Chinese literature so he did research on the development of Chinese characters.
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