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UFOs over London Friday 24th June

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Because it wouldn't take much effort to do such a simple effect from different cameras, because it's not that difficult to fake comments from so called witnesses and because the world is full dull fuckwits who will believe anything if there's a video of it on the internet.Not that this is a personal dig at you wessharkey, just the dull morons out there.
Von Sir_Snogsalot vor 3 Jahren
if its fake or results of photoshop then why are there several different videos of it from very different angles from different parts of the city? not to mention the many different individual eye witness accounts?

just asking a question...putting that out there
Von wessharkey vor 3 Jahren
The real most likely explanation would be a guy with photoshop, too much time on his hands and no girlfriend. Why do people believe in this junk?
Von Sir_Snogsalot vor 3 Jahren
Yes shooting stars are a more likely explanation. Shooting stars that accelerate, decelerate flip and turn!!!
Von cappaman vor 3 Jahren
Von Mikey P vor 3 Jahren
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