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    Veterans of the Psychic Wars - Book Trailer

    Wayne Trotman

    by Wayne Trotman

    A novel by Wayne Gerard Trotman

    A warrior from a distant galaxy is sent to Earth to retrieve Prince Armon Sakara, heir apparent of The True Emperor of the Cosmic Sea. Armon believes he is Roman Doyle. Who is Roman Doyle?

    Roman Doyle is a schoolteacher. Roman Doyle is a school teacher. His wife is pregnant. Their life is ordinary; until he meets a Veteran of the Psychic Wars. To rescue his wife, they must travel to another galaxy. But they do not go alone; they are joined by a beautiful secret agent, a quantum physicist, and the captain of a starship.

    With his astral and psychic abilities awakened by an alien drug, Roman must overcome his fears and master the martial art of Hatari Ikou. There is evil, and danger everywhere; from androids; clones, shape-shifters, and monsters.

    In uncharted space, and on alien worlds, join the Veterans of the Psychic Wars.

    ISBN: 978-0956787200

    Song Name: Annus Mirabilis
    Artist: Music for Video
    Composer: Alessandra Marchionni
    Publisher: Orla Snc
    Copyright: 2009-2011 Orla Publishing