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    Bistro Lamazou Video - New York, NY - Restaurants


    by SmartShoot

    Bistro Lamazou was born out of the love, passion and respect for exquisite food from globe-trotting adventures around the world. We experienced many foods and flavors, marrying, playing and discovering spices, mixing, matching and fusing ingredients and flavors. Our admiration for the rich history and cultures at the crossroads of the Mediterranean created the flavor, wings and the artistic palette of Bistro Lamazou. The creative dishes are a blend of southern European and North African cuisine fused with cheeses from around the world.<br />
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    Our playful yet elegant and contemporary design gives the warmth and coziness of a great atmosphere for the restaurant. Adding to the food experience in the dining area, there is a Cheese Bar that you can sit at and indulge yourself with some great cheeses and wine, a liquor bar for a drink with a tapas, or a lounge where you can unwind and enjoy a smooth cocktail.<br />
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    Aziz and Nancy Lamazou are known for their local shop named Lamazou Cheeses, 370 Third Avenue, a staple in the community for more than seventeen (17) years, It has been consistently praised for the quality of the food and fast gained fame for its superb cheeses, fabulous sandwiches, and variety of cured meats and gourmet selections.<br />
    Lamazou’s inspiration to expand their knowledge to the restaurant level came from their cheese practice as well as their passion for fine and first quality food from their travels. The concept is to offer new creative dishes, full of flavors and surprises that will get the taste buds dancing with ecstasy. Adding to the inspiration of these dishes is the cheese elements that will expand the horizon of the flavors. They are also incorporating one of the first cheese bars in New York City, where they are known for their experience in the art of affinage. The result is a superb international palate inspired by the culture of South Europe and North Africa