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    New Law Prohibits Swedes From Littering


    by NTDTelevision


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    New Swedish littering law is not in any way useful to address the problem with littering, because of two major reasons:

    Littering charges are only given for littering paper, cans and bottles, and not for throwing cigarette butts in the park, the street etc. Know days the villain to the environment is not the aluminum canister but the cigarette butt, that rapidly finds its way to our drain out to our water, polluting our river and lakes.

    Charging someone for littering only works when “somebody” is looking, but what happens when the police, security guard or responsible citizen are not avaliable - the litter will continues.
    No, other measures must be taken to change people’s behavior and attitude, such as introducing fun or rewarding those who do right – maybe something in the middle.

    Daniel Esteban
    "Writer and editor of environmental issues and problems"
    By environmentinfocus5 years ago