Heel Pain Treatment - Palm Coast and Fleming Island, FL

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Heel Pain Treatment - Palm Coast and Fleming Island, FL
Patient discusses the treatment he received for heel pain (plantar fasciitis).
Many conditions can affect the rear part of the foot and ankle. Two common conditions can cause heel and arch pain: plantar fasciitis (an inflammation of a fibrous band of tissue in the bottom of the foot that extends from the heel bone to the toes) and heel spurs (often the result of stress on the muscles and fascia of the foot).
There are many causes of heel pain and most cases can be effectively treated without surgery.
Extracorporeal Shock Wave
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy is used to treat chronic heel pain (plantar fasciitis/heel spur syndrome). During this non-invasive surgical procedure, sonic waves are directed at the area of pain using a device similar to that currently used in non-surgical treatment of kidney stones.Extracorporeal means outside of the body, and refers to this non-invasive surgical proc