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    A Little Livin' Left To Do by Abraham Cloud


    This video has been age-restricted based on our Community Guidelines


    by abecloud

    Suddenly our hero finds himself in a precarious position somewhere between a sea of sexy young girls in bikinis and another loathsome cubicle day. Smack dab between the joys of youth and the terror of aging. Tempted by the endless summer, tanned skin and ice cold beer but beckoned to the bland normality of "keeping it together." Ultimately he boils it down to a struggle of Life and Death and decides that he has , "A little living left to do."
    Here in the ultimate mid-life crisis drinking song , Abraham Cloud shows his Irish/Country roots. If you're hoisting a cold one , I dare you not to sing along. Willie Nelson could have easily covered this song , maybe even Merle Haggard. Alex, the ultimate Cloud Archivist has done the perfect video for the perfect country swing summer song. Check it out , but don't forget to dance.

    "Raise your glass to me, cause I'll be quitting soon,
    'til then, I got a little livin' left to do "