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    my break ups into a million pieces (2005)

    Amir Motlagh

    by Amir Motlagh

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    Directed by Amir Motlagh


    The film-essay “my break ups into a million pieces” is about Bose’s migration to Southern California after her artist-father’s death. Directed by Amir Motlagh, this 16-minute film, shot in digital video and super 8, is an exploration of personal and spiritual identity, death, romantic relationships and myth of Americana from an Asian perspective.

    Its creation was brought about by coincidence: Bose was impressed by Motlagh’s previous works (including “Dino Adino” and “Still Lover”), asked him for filmmaking advice. She had written “Break-up Stories,” a series of vignettes about the disintegration of my personal relationships, and wanted to translate it into film.

    After showing award-winning director Motlagh her father Santiago Bose’s paintings, he felt a spiritual connection to Santiago’s works and agreed to direct the film.

    They co-produced the piece in 2004. Punctuated with original music from various Orange County bands such as Bose’s old band, The Velvet Ash, it also features many artists (painter Reza PorMansor, producer Alex Xenophon) from the Santa Ana underground. With its gorgeous shots of Los Angeles freeways and endless blue skies, “my break ups into a million pieces” marks the transition to new country and a new life, the rush of a brave, sunshiney new world.

    Screenings (selected screenings)

    2005 Vancouver Asian American Film Festival
    2005 Pinoy Visions, Los Angeles
    2005 Pusod, Center for Culture, Berkley
    2005 Sol Arte Gallery,Santa Ana(film work by Amir Motlagh)
    2005 Capitol City MicroCinema, DC (east to west coast)
    2006 San Francisco International Asian American Film Fest
    2006 Visual Communications Film Festival
    2006 Chicago Asian American Film Showcase
    2007 Monterey Women's Film Festival