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    KaBlam! 1x08 Untitled (Why June Refuses To Turn Page?)

    Patrick Lewis Jr.

    by Patrick Lewis Jr.

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    June does the wrong hosting (for game shows, competitions, talk shows, etc.). In Action League Now!, the Action League protects heirs to the pigeon legend. June wants to be like Meltman and melts herself and Henry. In Sniz and Fondue, Fondue gets stuck in an elevator and it's up to their favorite celebrity to save him. June tries to make the perfect "KaBlam!" sound, and then introduces the next part of Action League Now. In Life with Loopy, Loopy gets in a pickle while in the pantry. In Angela Anaconda, Angela has to scrape gum. June refuses to turn the last page in order for the show to last "forever".
    This is one of the two episodes where the back cover is not shown, hence the name.
    This episode is known as "Why June Refuses To Turn Page?".
    This episode is banned in the US for the theme of death present in Action League Now.