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    Wedding Flowers: Picking Them by Season

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Wedding Flowers: Picking Them by Season - as part of the Wedding series by GeoBeats.

    A lot of flowers are available year around and they are usually, so we are in the north-west here, and they're usually imported from California or Florida or South America. A lot of flowers come from South America, some times from Europe also. So those are flowers that are available year around and those are like roses, and irises, and a whole bunch of...liatris, mums. All those flowers are available year around.

    In the Spring time, early in the Spring, that is when have Narcissus like Daffodils. You can get tulips, muscari, any of the bulb flowers are available then, as well as blooming branches. So, forsythia, blooming cherry flowers, magnolia branches, etc.

    Then a little bit later in the Spring, like in April, blooming shrubs are very much available, like lilacs, viburnums, and so forth. Early in May we also have lily of the valley here. And then a little bit later in the Spring the peonies are available, like these beauties here. As well as foxtail lilies and lupins. So all those flowers are really quiet seasonal.

    And then in the summer there is a large array of annuals and also tuber flowers like dahlias and zinnias, and cosmos, and coreopsis. There is so much available in the summer time. And it all depends on where you are located, you know, you will have different flowers available depending on where you live.

    In the Fall it is a little bit left over from the Summer flowers, like there are still dahlias and zinnias, and cosmos available, basically until the frost hits. And then all those flowers are over with. And but in the Fall we rely a lot on, like, seed pods and rose hips, and berries. So there is a lot of texture available in the Fall.

    In the Winter time flowers that are available will be like hellebore and amaryllis, tulips usually, narcissus. So a little bit like in the early Spring. Selection is the best late Spring through the Summer.