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    How to master the skill of trading stocks, futures, and forex


    by daily865

    31 views Most of us began trading by taking broker recommendation and/or buying a trading system. When those stopped working, we bought other systems and books, took courses, went to seminars and webinars – and still didn’t make a lot, if any, money. Like most people, I blew out several accounts before getting more conservative. I still, however, didn’t make a lot of money – although I did turn a profit. Then one day I realized that I needed to take a closer look at the whole trading system that I was using – setups, entries, exits, stops, money management – and stop depending on someone else’s book or course to give me a trading strategy. When I read “A Way To Trade,” it helped me realize where my problems were, so that I could correct them. Now, I have my own system that works well for me – and lets me sleep at night. You should take a look: