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    Cervical Cancer Treatments by Dr. Scot Ackerman Radiation Oncologist Jacksonville, FL

    In this video Dr. Scot Ackerman radiation oncologist in the city of Jacksonville, FL speaks about cervical cancer and treatments. Cervical cancer is cancer that develops over time, unlike other cancers that can develop very fast. There are usually no noticeable signs of early cervical cancer but it can be detected early with yearly check-ups. Early cervical cancer may not cause noticeable signs or symptoms. Women should have yearly check-ups, including a pap smear to check for abnormal cells. For more information visit your local oncologist. Medical procedures can be performed at First Coast Oncology of Jacksonville, FL. For more videos visit
    Dr. Scot Ackerman also serves the following cities: Jacksonville FL, Orange Park FL, Doctors Inlet FL, Hampton FL, Lawtey FL, Middleburg FL, and Jacksonville Beach FL.