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    Fractional Laser by Elliot Y. Ghatan Dermatologist Brooklyn, NY


    by dermatologistbrooklyn

    In this video Dr. Elliot Y. Ghatan dermatologist in Brooklyn, NY speaks about fractional laser. A fractional laser is a type of laser used in cosmetic procedures. Fractional lasers are ablative, which means that they vaporize skin on the surface, and effectively removing the top layers of the skin. However, fractional lasers differ from other ablative lasers, in that they ablate the tissue only in small areas, leaving the surrounding areas uninjured. Fractional lasers are typically used to correct cosmetic skin problems such as pigmentation problems, as well as scarring from acne and other types of scars.
    Dr. Elliot Y. Ghatan also serves the following zip codes: 11230, 11229, 11231, 11235, 11374, 11109, and 11120