Eti Keta 2-1

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Every cast, scene, and act...phenomena!!! Bravo for a job well done. This is not the best movie i have seen from Nigeria, but this is one of the greatest work from Nigeria...since Toluwa Ni Le, Magun, and Kosegbe....
By aiyekoto 3 years ago
It can't end like this!!!....where is part 2-2??
By Freesia120 3 years ago
Wao, I just had to comment on this movie. Very nice, well scripted & casted & very educating.
More grace Saheed. Amen!
By Soji Ogunbodede 3 years ago
nice one saheed. kudos to all actors and actresses. great lessons to be learnt. life is short if only we all have this at the back of our mind at all times is not how well we live but the good legacy we leave behind for the next generation.
By bimbobaby 4 years ago
This movie is absolutely fantastic. Life lesson, smtimes when u er doing bad things u think abt how it might affect yr own pple.
By jolaolu 4 years ago
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