Eti Keta 1-3

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Yinka Okubote-konwea
i also agree i dont get the point in the paris clip. i just dosent make sense to me.
By Yinka Okubote-konwea4 years ago
Nice movie...
Saheed next time you advertise Nigeria please show " us" instead of Paris, its like talking about bread and showing us stone ( no offense to Paris) you could have shown some clips from the Nigeria tourist sites, im sure people will like to see that; i do!!!
Overall good production, and Nollywood should learn to speak english like you guys did in this movie, thats how it is said....all that yeye fake incorrect grammar no dey make me watch them. Good job to all the cast.
Will buy this movie DVD.
By aiyekoto4 years ago
what exactly was supposed to be fascinating about his trip to Paris becuz i did not get that part
By Biola4 years ago
Ain't it rada rada wo niyen??
By iyaeto4 years ago
wot d hell was d innit about? kmt
By bukekelicious4 years ago