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    Love @ 11:47 (2001)

    Amir Motlagh

    by Amir Motlagh

    © 2001


    “LOVE @ 11:47 is short piece about the ironic nature of time, love and obsession.”

    Originally finished in 2001, the first actual screening of the film was at the 24fps short film festival in Texas in 2003, or 2004. The film won the best lead actor award. It went on to screen several other times, winning an audience award at Friday Night Shorts in Los Angeles. In those days, I didn't keep track of screenings very well.

    Love @ 11:47 was shot in pure Dogme 95 tradition, with only a single crew member behind the camera. The films action takes place in real time, in all single takes. However, in post, a few edits where made.

    The film was one of the three original films in the "Tentative Years" DVD which was released in 2004, and was the first DVD release of AYA Films. The DVD went out of print in 2007, and the film is not available to purchase or view on the web at this time. However, their are re-release plans in the works.

    I leave the original Press Kit synopsis below. For revisionist history, this is not an "experimental film" as is labeled in the press material, but, at the time, I didn't know better.