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    Natural Skincare Line


    by EcoBold

    Natural skincare at 20% off and free shipping here:

    We now offer an amazing Ella Dean collection of Lip Balms, Perfume Oils, Salt Soaks and Body Mists, that are made with all-natural ingredients and make you feel like the Greek goddesses they are named after! All products are vegan and made after you order, so it’s 100% fresh. The unique fragrances are natural essential oils and some are USDA organic. The lip products are also colored with natural colors from the earth (one is seaweed powder!)

    Ella Dean first turned her addiction into a passion, and then into a career. She loves making lip conditioner and her creativity inspires her to come up with new and unique flavors or scents. She is fascinated by different cultures and strongly believes that 'being different is beautiful' which she reflects in her so called 'Wanderlust Sisters' collection. In this collection all the hand drawn girls on the labels are from all over the world, inspired by real women she met in her life.

    Her Lip Conditioner collection comes in 15 different variations of flavor, color and scent. Contrary to most conventional lip balms that contain petroleum, Ella Deans lip conditioners are all natural, made with extremely moisturizing ingredients like candelilla wax, sweet almond oil, olive oil, aloe vera oil, olive butter, coconut oil, safflower oil, and vitamin E, and a natural coloring from mother earth. Her perfume oils, body mists and salt soaks all come with different scents, ranging from Golden Banana and Ginger Tonic and Watermelon Tea Rose to Vanilla Cola. There is a scent and flavor for everyone, so get your own Ella Deal product at our 20% discount, and bring out the goddess in you!