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Directed by Aoife McArdle, the dark chanteuse haunts us once again with stunning visuals and evocative scenes set in flickering lights. Desire is available now on 7” (RUG412) and via digital download (RUG412D), backed with a reworking of Leonard Cohen’s Joan Of Arc.

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There aren't any comments? Really?! I heard her voice by accident during a commerical and I just had to find out about her and I love this song! She actually reminds of several singers I've been following in an online music contest called MakeAStar - they have that same gritty and raw sound and I think its refreshing. Even though I already voted for the month in the MakeAStar contest via their website (the contest is on-going month to month), I tempted to go back and leave them a few comments since I heard this -- its great that after you listena dn vote for a song, you can actually leave a message as well.
Par kadness23 il y a 2 ans